ACLASTA of NOVARTIS caused NEAR FATAL INCIDENT in Singapore Gleneagles Medical Centre 


I, Wong Chen Li Chu (Singapore citizen, female, 61 years old) had an injection of Novartis ACLASTA on 7th Oct 2008 by Dr. Chan, a well known and experienced orthopaedic surgeon at the Singapore Gleneagles Medical Centre clinic.
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It resulted in a near fatal incident for me.  


The diagnosis in the medical report is ACUTE KIDNEY FAILURE. Doctors suggested that I be prepared for kidney replacement or permanent dialysis. 



My encounter with the administration of Novartis Aclasta in the renowned Singapore Gleneagles Medical Centre, by a well experienced doctor with the result of near fatal physical suffering, should be a lesson to be remembered at all times. Novartis ACLASTA is widely known as a new medication for treatment of Osteoporosis in post-menopausal women, a condition that occurs predominantly among elderly people.  I believe there will be more old people to whom ACLASTA will be recommended.  



Please think carefully and take all precautions before receiving ACLASTA 


The following is an account of my experience with ACLASTA: 


After the injection of Aclasta on 7th Oct. 2008 by Dr Chan, and on the next day 8th Oct. morning, I experienced sharp pain throughout my limbs, chest, heart and waist. My face became swollen. Rashes also appeared throughout my body and I felt extremely itchy. I called up the clinic to ask for Dr Chan’s advice but was told by Margaret, the receptionist of the clinic that Dr Chan had gone overseas. Despite the urgency of my call, Margaret did not direct me to any other medical personnel. She just instructed me to take Panadol pills again to ease the pain. Panadol is the only medication I was given after injecting Aclasta. I was instructed to take two tablets after every eight hours. Two days later, I was admitted to the A E Department of Mt Elizabeth Hospital, and was subsequently hospitalized in the Mt Elizabeth Hospital, Raffles Hospital and the Singapore General Hospital for critical kidney condition.  


On the day of discharge at 17th Nov 2008 from the Singapore General Hospital, my serum creatinine level is 520 ( 40 – 85 UMOL/L ) and Creatinine Clearance is 10 (70 – 150 ML/MIN). 


For a detailed sequence of the events, clinical development, official receipt from Dr Chan's  Clinic in Gleneagles Medical Center and medical report from Mt Elizabeth Hospital, Raffles Hospital and Singapore General Hospital, please click to read on: Sequence of Events and Clinical Development


Throughout the sequence of events described above, Dr Chan was nowhere to be found. The level of patient care Dr Chan and his clinic could offer me was severely insufficient and inefficient. In fact, on 23rd Oct. when my husband and son made an appointment with Dr Chan in his clinic to clarify the issue, he told my husband “see you in the court”  


I am extremely disappointed with his nonchalant attitude. He did not even bother to get back to me even after he had returned from overseas. I had turned to him for his medical expertise trusting that his experience and treatment will regain my health and that it was in my best interest to seek someone as experienced as him. However it resulted in a near fatal physical suffering for me and immense emotional and financial suffering for my family. 


We are ordinary everyday people. Under my family’s current financial conditions, I am unable to meet the financial requirements needed to confront Dr. Chan, a well known and experienced orthopaedic surgeon, in the court system. However, as a victim seeking justice and dignity, I believe I deserve the concern of our society, and a response from the medical establishment, of whom Dr Chan is a part. In this aspect, I will make every possible effort, try all means and every possible channel, to seek for assistance and advice. 


Dr Lee Wei-Ling, Director of Singapore National Neuroscience Institute, personally called my husband three days after my husband wrote to her about my incident. Dr Lee asked my husband to keep her informed of the development. My family is very grateful to Dr Lee for her concern. 


In today’s materialistic and money-orientated society, the medical world has been polluted and tainted by commercialism. To safeguard the sacred tradition and morality of the medical establishment and profession, please do your part and voice your concern. I sincerely hope that my encounter and near fatal physical suffering will not happen to you or any other patients. We deserve more compassion and care from our doctors. 



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